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1. Be Clear on What You’re Specifically Looking to Accomplish

It’s impossible to accomplish any goal without specifically knowing what you’re going to accomplish and how you’re going to accomplish it. Many have tried and failed.

You can’t take a shot at a target you can’t see (that’s just being a danger to society).

Ultimately, we should be defining three types of goals for ourselves: short-term, medium-term, and long-term. In this instance, we’ll use the example of writing a book. Your short-term goal might be to come up with a name for the book, and to determine which publishing route you’d like to take and roughly how long you’d like it to be.

Your mid-term goals might be to finish writing the book, decide on front and back cover art, and secure ten bloggers to review it.

Long-term goals may consist of moving from self-publishing to professional publishing, garnering a deal to write your second book, and selling fifty thousand copies.

No matter your goal, it will almost always require this three-part plan. You don’t just stumble your way into dating a supermodel, and if you do, well then please get in touch with us.

Get your eye on the prize, and then, as the very first step, set up your timeline for accomplishing it.

2. Remove Doubt and Take Action

Now comes the hard part. Do the stuff you said you were going to do in step number one. In most cases, this will involve extricating yourself from your couch and doing something.

Our best piece of advice here is to not think about it, and simply do it. Shia LaBeouf agrees, from the comfy confines of his jail cell.

The other thing to consider here is that there is a significant difference between naysayers and something that’s actually a bad idea. Both exist. It’s up to you to determine which is more correct.

3. Work Backwards from #1

We live in a day and age where both fortunately and unfortunately there are very few new ideas. On the other hand, we get to live past 30. You take your pick.

If we use our book-writing example from earlier, a quick Google search will probably populate tens of thousands of articles detailing the book-writing process.

There is literally no excuse not to figure out how to do something properly. Whether you are launching a product or building a spaceship, there’s at least one tutorial on the internet for you. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel here.

4. Develop Laser-like Focus

Laser-like focus isn’t a cognitive ability available only to superheroes and super-er-er-heroes, or those willing to take dangerous dosages of Adderall.

Productivity and focus is simply achieved by properly scheduling your time and committing to your schedule. When that scheduled time rolls around, just do it, baby.

5. Walk Through the Process (Twice)

It is crucial to develop foresight of where you are heading and how you will reach your goal. Without doing so, distractions, diversions, and unexpected outcomes will dominate your life, and send you off your path.

By playing out each step of the process like a movie in your head, and then executing, you make life seamless and easy, and reach your goal faster.

In Smarter Faster Better, Charles Duhigg says about this phenomenon, “Cognitive tunneling and reactive thinking [two very bad things] occur when our mental spotlights go from dim to bright in a split second. But if we are constantly telling ourselves stories and creating mental pictures, that beam never fully powers down… And as a result, when it has to flare to life in the real world, we’re not blinded by its glare.”

6. Commit to Your Goal and Take Action on It Every Day

This one’s kinda a no-brainer. You scheduled it, you followed all the other steps, you’ve read this far into the article…it’s clearly something you’re interested in doing. Now do it. Literally every day.

7. Be Your Own Advocate

We’re going to make an Implement promise to you: No one will ever be a fan of your work until you’re stupid rich and successful. You have the long, arduous task ahead of you of being your own cheerleader (no pom-poms required).

If you’re not celebrating your small wins, no one will.

By the way, make sure to read this article we wrote for Steven Aitchison.

8. Pave the Path to Loving the Process

Making a dream become a reality takes a lot of effort and hard work. Prepare to invest many hours and more than a few sleepless nights in order to achieve your desired results.

That doesn’t mean you should hate every minute of it, though. After all, you started pursuing your goal because it was something you felt passionate about. So find a way to enjoy it.

There’s a silver lining to everything and it’s up to you to find it.

We’re pullin’ for ya. Now get to it.

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